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Connect to inner peace and love.

Feeling anxiety, self-judgment, rage, grief, or any other difficult emotion that’s preventing you from being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself? Hi, I'm Lara, and I’ve been there too.


Gratefully, I found meditation, coaching, and mindfulness practices and they completely changed my life, allowing me to let go of a whole lot of negativity and connect to the inner peace and love that resides in each of us. I've experienced firsthand and witnessed countless times in others how doing the inner work and healing has a positive impact on all areas of our lives. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this work and would be honored to help support you in your own healing journey. 

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You can read more about my own story and transformation here.


Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and feel like you need a change? Sign up for one of my 21-Day Meditation Programs utilizing meditation, journaling, and positive affirmations to help you relieve anxiety so you can fall asleep easier at night, release pent-up emotion that's causing fights with your loved ones, and cultivate self-compassion so you can be kind to yourself even when you make a mistake.

Looking for deeper, transformationaI change and help from someone who's been there? I offer personalized coaching to help you get where you want to go faster. I provide one-off coaching calls and four-session packages, as well as a three-month mentorship program. All are tailored to your individual needs, but we'll use a variety of tools and healing modalities to help you get to the root of what's standing in the way of the life you desire.

I also have free resources you can utilize. First, subscribe below for a free 12-minute guided meditation to tap into and cultivate abundance in your life. You can also check out my 30+ free meditations on Insight Timer - there's something for everyone. 

90,000+ plays on Insight Timer

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Get a free guided meditation: Tap into Abundance!
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