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Pick Your 21-Day Program!

  • Self-Love

    Cultivate love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself
    Valid for one month
    • 21 Daily guided meditations
    • 21 Daily journal prompts
    • 21 Daily affirmations
    • 60-minute coaching call
  • Stress-Relief

    Relieve anxiety; cultivate acceptance; feel at peace
    Valid for one month
    • 21 Daily guided meditations
    • 21 Daily journal prompts
    • 21 Daily affirmations
    • 60-minute coaching call
  • Letting Go

    Let go of tough emotions like fear, grief, anger, and guilt
    Valid for one month
    • 21 Daily guided meditations
    • 21 Daily journal prompts
    • 21 Daily affirmations
    • 60-minute coaching call
  • For Brides-to-Be

    Reduce wedding-planning stress so you can enjoy engagement!
    Valid for one year
    • 21 Daily guided meditations
    • 21 Daily journal prompts
    • 21 Daily affirmations
    • 60-minute coaching call
    • Bonus meditations/journal prompts
    • Access to all content for one year
    • Welcome gift

Which program should I choose?


> If anxiety is your primary concern, choose Stress Relief

> If you're struggling to manage emotions, choose Letting Go

If you're often mean to yourself, choose Self-Love

> If you're getting married, choose Wedding Wellness



21 DAILY GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Every morning I'll email a guided meditation (between 10 and 22 minutes) that will focus on whatever theme you've chosen. You can expect to have them help you feel relaxed, grounded, lighter, more connected, and more at peace.


21 DAILY JOURNAL PROMPTS: The journal prompts will help you relieve stress, get in touch with your emotions, and cultivate self-love, regardless of which program you're in. 


21 DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: The positive affirmations will help support a healthy and happy mindset and allow you to start your day feeling like you can handle anything that arises.

60-MINUTE COACHING CALL: Receive one-on-one support around meditation or anything you're struggling with, such as sleep issues caused by anxiety, a conflict with your partner or parents, or feeling overwhelmed at work.

BONUSES for Wedding Program:

Extra meditations & journal prompts (including one for your big day!)

Access to all content for one year

Personalized welcome gift



Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at
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Hi, I'm Lara!

Before I found meditation & mindfulness practices, I:
☁️Would get extremely anxious anytime I had to talk in front of groups (even over Zoom)
☁️Hated conflict/confrontation and would avoid it at my own expense
☁️Would then have big emotional blowups toward my ex
☁️Would get easily upset by news articles and people cutting me off while driving
☁️Would be hard on myself and not feel good enough

But I committed to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of myself. So I did two 10-day silent meditation retreats, invested in myself with coaches, retreats, and various programs, and made time every single day for self-care. 

And now I:
☀️Lead various group calls and events
☀️Speak up for myself even when it’s uncomfortable
☀️Understand and navigate my emotions with compassion
☀️Don't get easily annoyed by long lines, traffic, or people I disagree with

☀️Genuinely love myself and love that I get to go through life with myself

Meditation and other mindfulness/inner work practices completely changed my life - so much so that I got my meditation & mindfulness teacher certification, and a year-long coaching certification program to do this work full-time. When you've lived with stress and anxiety for so long, you start to think that's normal, BUT IT'S NOT. You can live a life without feeling constantly stressed, on edge, overwhelmed, etc. 

If you want to be able to actually enjoy all those big and little moments in your life, this program is for you. I can't wait to go on this 21-day journey together.

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When does each 21-Day Program start?

The program starts the day after you sign up. Email me if you'd like to request a specific date to start!

I’m already so busy – Will I have time for this?

You'll need between 15 and 30 minutes each day, depending on the length of the meditation and how long your answers to the journal prompts are. You can do the practices whenever you want.

I've never meditated before - Is that a problem?

Not at all. The meditations are guided so you never have to wonder if you're doing it right, and I'm more than happy to hop on a call to answer any questions you have about meditating. You can read my 5 Tips for New Meditation Practitioners blog post here!

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