21-Day Meditation Programs

  • Oct 1st: Self-Love

    Cultivate love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself
    Valid for one month
    • Daily guided meditations (10-20 mins)
    • Daily journal prompts
    • Daily affirmations
    • Three group calls w/ guided meditation/support

"I have found the program extremely beneficial. It brought me a reprieve from my anxiety that I have never quite experienced before. The active breathing and focus gave my brain a break from my constant spiral of thoughts. Even after only a week of meditation practice, I noticed a calm in myself that was almost jarring. I wasn't feeling so wound up about work, family, and the other stressors that would generally occupy my mind throughout the day (and night). It was a very weird sensation and it took me a few days of feeling very apathetic before I realized that I was just experiencing the absence of the anxiety that I had become so used to. It's not that I didn't care about the things moving around me anymore or not feel daily pressures, but I was able to keep the physical manifestations of stress at bay. There has been a notable shift and improvement in how I feel about and respond to daily life as a result of the practice. This truly has been such a rewarding program!" - A.H.


Every morning for 21 days, starting on the 1st of the month, I'll email and post on a private page a guided meditation audio clip written/recorded by me (all between 10 and 20 minutes), along with a journal prompt. You can do them in either order, at any time of day -- you're holding yourself accountable and finding what works best for you!

You'll be able to comment and chat with myself and other members of the program via the website and during three live calls over Zoom (all optional). This will allow everyone to ask questions, give encouragement, and help create a sense of community. We'll also do a short group meditation during each call.

No prior meditation experience is needed!

"My intention for signing up was to find some clarity in my thoughts. I was finding it difficult to understand and adequately communicate my emotions, which was making me frustrated. Sounds cheesy, but I felt trapped. After completing the program, it’s as if a fog has lifted and I completely credit that to this meditation and reflection journey... Starting my day with Lara’s guided meditation set the stage for the rest of my day.…Through the journal prompts, I also discovered a lot about myself and learned how to refocus my energy and thoughts when feeling stressed or anxious. I cannot say enough about my experience with Lara’s program. Needless to say, I got what I signed up for and a whole lot more." - K.S.

If you’re feeling anxious and ungrounded, or like you’re constantly in a spiral of stress-inducing or self-critical thoughts, you’re not alone. Just like going down the dark WebMD rabbit hole, our minds can do the same with any past incident or potential future event. Very rarely are we actually living in the present moment, which can leave us feeling stressed or stuck in a difficult emotion like anger, fear, or grief.


Fortunately, there’s a way out. Meditation and mindfulness practices literally retrain our minds so that instead of hopping on that anxiety-producing train, we can refocus our thoughts and choose which ones we actually listen to. (Spend a day objectively watching your thoughts and I promise you’ll see that your mind is not always your friend.)

Meditation Class

I was also constantly reliving the past or fantasizing about the future, until I made mindfulness a priority. Meditation and journaling have been the most impactful/enlightening tools for me, allowing me to change my thought patterns and release so many repressed emotions (seriously, so many).

I’ve seen this work positively transform my life and those of so many others, and I would love to help support you in doing the same. I believe so strongly in the power of these programs, that I will happily refund your money if you don’t feel a difference by the end.

"I’ve now taken two of Lara’s 3-week courses, and they have both been so deeply impactful. Lara does an amazing job of guiding people past their comfort zones, while still making them feel at ease and supported. Having Lara’s meditations to look forward to every day was such a grounding experience and has encouraged me to keep a continued daily meditation practice. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to develop or deepen their meditation practice. Lara is an incredible guide who genuinely lives to help others, and has such an amazing energy to share." - A.S.

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