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Feel anxious, upset, or self-critical?

> Do you feel overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list?

> Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself for a mistake you made?

> Do you go down dark internet spirals over things you're worried about?


 If you're struggling with constant feelings of stress, are having a hard time managing and releasing difficult emotions like anger and fear, or are tired of listening to the mean inner voice in your head, join

The 21-Day Program for:


Letting Go,

or Self-Love

(starts day after you sign up)

This is for people who are ready to:

> relieve anxiety so you can turn off a racing mind and fall asleep better at night

> release difficult stored emotion that's causing volatile relationships and insecurity

> cultivate true self-love so you can let go of the need for external validation and talk more kindly to yourself whenever you look in the mirror



21 DAILY GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Every morning I'll email a guided meditation (between 10 and 22 minutes) that will be geared toward the theme you've chosen: Stress-Relief, Letting Go, or Self-Love.


21 DAILY JOURNAL PROMPTS: The journal prompts will help you release tension so you can relax, get things off your chest, and forgive yourself whenever you make a mistake. 


21 DAILY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: The positive affirmations will help support a healthy and happy mindset and allow you to start your day feeling like you can handle anything that arises.

60-MINUTE COACHING CALL: Receive one-on-one support around anything you're struggling with, such as sleep issues caused by anxiety, a conflict with your partner or parents, or feeling overwhelmed at work.


PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS: This will allow you to connect with a community of supportive people dealing with the same stress and emotions as you are. Plus, exclusive content will be posted here.




Hi, I'm Lara!

Two years ago I:
☁️Would get extremely anxious anytime I had to talk in front of groups (even over Zoom)
☁️Hated conflict/confrontation and would avoid it at my own expense
☁️Was still crying over my ex
☁️Didn’t think I could ever work for myself because I was afraid of financial insecurity
☁️Didn’t truly love myself

But I committed to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of myself - the one that loved myself unconditionally. So I invested in myself with coaches, retreats, and programs that would get me there. I made time every single day for self-care and to release any painful stored emotions/limiting beliefs/subconscious programming I could that weren’t aligned with who I wanted to be.

And now I:
☀️Have led numerous workshops and group calls voluntarily
☀️Speak up for myself even when it’s uncomfortable/people disagree with me
☀️Am great friends with my ex
☀️Have been working for myself/freelancing since August 2020
☀️Genuinely love myself and love that I get to go through life with myself


Meditation and other mindfulness/inner work practices completely changed my life - so much so that I got my meditation & mindfulness teacher certification to do this work full-time. I also got my yoga teacher certification, because I believe you can never have too many wellness tools. When you've lived with stress and anxiety for so long, you start to think that's normal, BUT IT'S NOT. You can live a life without feeling constantly stressed, on edge, overwhelmed, etc. 

If you want to be able to actually enjoy all those big and little moments in your life, these programs are for you. Can't wait to go on this 21-day journey together.

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