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10 Easy Ideas to Engage Your Creative Side

Even if middle school was the last time you took an art class, we all have a creative side within us. Although you could take a pottery class or learn to quilt, there are loads of easy and inexpensive ways to showcase your creativity and imagination. An added perk? It's a fun, fulfilling way to relieve stress and can act as a moving meditation practice.

1. Make a vision board.

A vision board, or dream board, is a collage of pictures and words designed to act as a source of inspiration and motivation for achieving a specific goal or more generally, what you want to bring into your life. Use the law of attraction to attain your dreams, all while getting creative.

2. Sketch something in your home or outside. If you have paper and a pencil, you can start sketching. Pick a spot inside your home that looks interesting, create a still life to draw, or head outside and find something that strikes your fancy.

3. Write a poem.

Your high school English teacher isn't going to have to read your poem, so just start writing without judgment. You can write free verse, or pick a standard structure such as haiku, iambic pentameter, or sonnet.

4. Paint a picture of one of your favorite photographs.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on canvases and acrylic paints to get artsy. You can buy a 16-color Crayola watercolor set for about $6 and still create something awesome. If you're in need of subject inspiration, try to recreate one of your favorite photographs.

5. Make a collage on an old shoebox with magazine clippings.

All you need are some magazines, a box, and glue to work on this art project. Pick a theme or just cut out clips that you find interesting, then arrange and glue them on the box. It's a unique way to dress up boxes for storing knick-knacks. Pro tip: buy decoupage glue to coat the top of the clippings for a smooth finish.

6. Take photos on one subject – plants, street scenes, family members.

If you have a camera phone, you can be a photographer. Head outside for a walk or just roam around your house taking photos around one subject matter to create a specific story.

7. Write a short fiction story.

Really engage your imagination here and write a fictional story of any genre. It doesn't have to be thousands of words, but you can knock it out in one day or have it as an ongoing project.

8. Choreograph all or part of a song.

Creating dances to the Spice Girls and "Believe" by Cher are some of my fondest memories as a child, and they're still a guaranteed mood-booster and expressive activity today. Whether a cheery pop song or emotional ballad, pick something that resonates with you in the moment.

9. Press flowers.

There are a few ways to press flowers at home, but all you really need is flowers -- ideally those not prone to browning -- paper, and books. After they've been pressed, you can turn the flowers into framed artwork.

10. Move furniture and decorations in one room.

Give your space a refresh by moving around furniture, swapping out fabrics, or just placing decorations in different spots. It's a fun and free way to tap into your inner home designer.



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