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10 Ways to Be Happier in Under 10 Minutes

There are numerous ways, big and small, we can add joy into our lives and increase happiness. If you’ve only got 10 minutes to spare and want to feel more uplifted and positive, pick one (or all) of the following for a quick spirit boost.

1. Write three things you’re grateful for in a daily journal.

2. Say “I love you” and “today’s going to be a good day” to yourself in the mirror each morning.

3. Meditate in a quiet spot.

4. Dance to your favorite song with no one looking.

5. Send a text or email to someone you love detailing why you appreciate them.

6. Stretch in any way that feels good for your body.

7. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

8. Go outside and find a plant you like.

9. Pet a dog or cat.

10. Sit in a park or backyard and listen to the sounds of nature.



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