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Attn: Stress-Free, Happiness Seekers

> Do you get embarrassed and turn red whenever you have to speak in front of others?

> Do you snap at your partner over something small and then feel guilty after?

> Do you play out different scenarios that you're worried about over and

over in your head?


 For those who are tired of their current behaviors and ready to dive deeper into life-changing, transformational growth, and truly start healing, I offer a three-month coaching program for a limited number of individuals called

Soulful Living Academy








This is for people who are ready to:

> relieve stress so you can turn off a racing mind and fall asleep better at night

> release difficult stored emotion that's causing volatile relationships and insecurity

> cultivate true self-love so you can let go of the need for external validation and talk more kindly to yourself whenever you look in the mirror


> You feel unhappy or stuck in your current life

> You have a lot of conflict or irritability in your relationships

> You have stress that's creating physical problems like digestive issues or insomnia

> You have a hard time with consistency and following through

You're ready to live differently, soulfully – with purpose, meaning, and joy

It's perfectly normal if that's you. We aren't taught how to relieve stress and release difficult emotions in a healthy, productive way. BUT, you can learn.



> You will have developed daily practices to manage stress and anxiety so you can feel inner peace

> You will have let go of so much repressed/pent up emotions so you can have healthier relationships

> You will love the person in the mirror more than ever before so you can stop people-pleasing and seeking external validation



"Lara is a powerful and skilled coach. Her calm confidence and intelligence shone through our recent session together. We were supposed to be working on a particular topic however Lara skillfully negotiated something that was really troubling me in the moment. I felt held and supported whilst going through some challenging circumstances; she guided me to some powerful awarenesses and I was able to decide on aligned action steps going forward. I ended the session feeling empowered and clear.

I would not hesitate to recommend her and would happily pay twice her rate for her services." - Liska M.



WEEKLY 60-MINUTE COACHING CALLS: We'll work together to develop daily stress-relief practices, release pain and limiting beliefs, get to the root of certain behaviors, cultivate self-love and acceptance, and create your dream life


ASSIGNMENTS BETWEEN EACH CALL: Tried-and-true inner work assignments to be done in between calls to continue your progress when we’re not together

SPOT COACHING: You'll receive spot coaching via Voxer text messages/voice notes to help support you as needed between sessions

21-DAY MEDITATION & JOURNALING PROGRAMS: You'll be given all three programs (Stress-Relief, Letting Go, and Self-Love) to be used at your discretion


LIFETIME ACCESS TO DROPBOX RESOURCES: You get access to a Dropbox with all of my guided meditations, guided meditation & journaling videos, and more

The program is personalized and tailored specifically to your needs and what would best support your growth and healing. 


Hi, I'm Lara!

I used to:
☁️Get extremely anxious anytime I had to talk in front of groups (even over Zoom)
☁️Hate conflict/confrontation and would avoid it at my own expense
☁️Not be able to name or control my emotions
☁️Not think I could ever work for myself because I was afraid of financial insecurity

☁️Be easily irritated by others
☁️Not truly love myself

But I committed to becoming the healthiest, happiest version of myself - the one that loved myself unconditionally. So I invested in myself with coaches, retreats, and programs that would get me there. I made time every single day for self-care and to release any painful stored emotions/limiting beliefs/subconscious programming I could that weren’t aligned with who I wanted to be. And it COMPLETELY changed my life, my health, and my relationships.

Now I:
☀️Have led numerous group events and calls
☀️Speak up for myself even when it’s uncomfortable
☀️Understand and move through my emotions with more ease
☀️Have been working for myself/freelancing since August 2020
☀️Have peaceful, compassionate relationships with others
☀️Genuinely love myself and love that I get to go through life with myself

There’s still many opportunities for growth, and I’m proud of where I’ve gotten. It takes work. If it didn’t, everyone would be happy and peaceful all the time. But I believe the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others is inner work. The ripple effect you have on the world when you grow and evolve is immeasurable…we’ve all heard the saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It's also why helping others on their own journey has become my purpose - I know just how transformative and powerful this work is. If you're ready to invest in your most important asset - yourself - I'd love to help.

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